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Virtual Office With Ejari Contract

Generate DED approved Ejari within just 15 minutes

Get your virtual address Dubai for immediate Ejari application and become RERA approved.

 Procure New Licence | Renew Existing Licence | Open A New Bank Account 

Cohub has designed this virtual office package so as to help budding entrepreneurs who want to set up their business within the UAE. How you may ask?  The virtual office package allows you to access all the perk of a business centre without actually renting or leasing a physical space. Thus saving you huge sums of money which you can then further reinvest in your own business.

This inturn helps you cover all legal requirements to procure an Ejari certificate which will further also help you open or renew your bank account. Our professionals guide you through every step to guarantee you a DED approved Ejari within just 15 minutes once your application is processed. You can find out the multitude of advantages of getting this virtual ejari Dubai package with Cohub.

Why would you need an Ejari ?

Utility companies often require an Ejari certificate to set up services such as electricity, water, and internet. Having a registered Ejari can speed up the process of connecting utilities to assets.Our Dubai Virtual office space package is accompanied with the processing of the Ejari contract to help you get a virtual company address inorder to fulfill the obligations of successfully procuring your Ejari certificate.

The Ejari system requires landlords to register a rental and tenancy agreement with the DubaiLand Department. This registration provides legal protection to tenants and landlords by establishing a formal record of the terms and conditions of the lease. This also helps avoid disputes and misunderstandings that may arise during the rental period.

To register a rental agreement with the Ejari system, owners and tenants usually need to provide certain documents and information, such as a copy of their Emirates ID card, passport and the rental agreement itself.

After the registration is completed, the system will generate an Ejari certificate within 15 minutes confirming the registration of the rental contract. It is important to note that regulations and procedures are subject to change, so you should consult official sources or legal experts like Cohub for the most up-to-date information on the Ejari system in Dubai.

Cohub’s Express Ejari Service​

Our team of experts will collect all necessary documents for you to process the application and move ahead to getting your Ejari within the soonest time.

After successful registration, you will receive an Ejari certificate in your mail within just 15 minutes. This certificate serves as legal proof of your rental agreement and registration with the Dubai Land Department (DED).

Get your dED approved ejari now!!

Steps to take before you get a virtual office ejari with Cohub

Our business setup consultants will help help you get a virtual office with ejari in the least amount of time once all the necessary obligations are fulfilled. Read below on the things you will need to prepare yourself before we can take over.

Gather necessary documents

Get in touch with us

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