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Ejari Registration

RERA has announced that from 14 March 2010 all rental/lease agreements in Dubai must be registered through the new online portal EJARI. Ejari registration online is designed to meet legal requirements and establish a robust management system for the rental market and protect the rights of all stakeholders. Ejari has been designed to ensure that rental agreements are fair and transparent to the parties involved and that their terms and conditions are fully considered. 

How It Works?

Signing up via Ejari is a straightforward process that requires little technical expertise and only requires basic agreement details such as property details, rental company name, and agreement terms. Once a contract has been entered into the system and registered, it will be given a unique barcode that will act as a reference for the duration of the contract. RERA will maintain its own record of the Agreement and update changes to the registry as they occur.

Why Ejari?

The implementation of the Ejari registration allows the authorities to build a complete and accurate picture of the Dubai rental market, which plays an important role in planning the future of the Dubai real estate sector and ability to influence factors such as supply and price consistency in the market. Obtaining an Ejari certificate in Dubai offers a number of benefits to landlords and tenants. Some of the key benefits of signing up for Ejari registration Dubai include:

Legal protection and security

Ejari Registration provides legal protection to landlords and tenants by establishing a formal record of the terms and conditions of a tenancy agreement. This can help prevent conflicts and misunderstandings during the rental period.

Utility connection

Utility companies often require an Ejari certificate to set up services such as electricity, water, and internet. Having a registered Ejari can speed up the process of connecting utilities to assets.

Judicial effect

In the event of a rent dispute, Ejari registration can be valid evidence in legal proceedings. Professional license: Some business licenses in Dubai may require a valid Ejari certificate for registration or renewal, especially if the business location is a rental property.

Rent & increase extensions

Landlords can use Ejari records as evidence when raising rent or renewing a lease to avoid any conflicts if the may arise.

Transparency & accountability

Ejari promotes transparency in the real estate market by ensuring that rental agreements comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the Dubai Land Department.

Standard lease

The Ejari system encourages the use of standardized tenancy agreements, which can help ensure that both parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Official record keeping

Failure to sign a tenancy agreement with Ejari may result in penalties for landlords and tenants. Always make sure you follow the correct procedures and keep your rental agreement properly documented to ensure all your records are accurate.

How To Register For Ejari Online?

To use Ejari’s online registration system, create an account on the official Ejari website. Ejari accounts can only be opened by the people listed below on the official website. Tenants cannot register for Ejari Dubai account on the official website, but they can register for Ejari online using Dubai REST app. Tenants can also consult with their real estate agent(s), who may already have an Ejari Dubai account, to complete the process on their behalf.It is important to keep the necessary ejari documents required.Below you can find out how to get ejari online.

Necessary Ejari documents required to be submitted  by the tenant for Ejari registration online are as follows:

Process for landlords to register Ejari online is very straightforward. They just need to do the following:

How long does Ejari registration take?

After completing the Ejari Dubai application, you will receive the registered Ejari Rental agreement in the mail within 24-48 hours. You can get it instantly if you apply through the Dubai REST app. Once you receive the unique ID number, you will be bale to setup your DEWA connection.

Register Ejari Now With Cohub

Ejari Renewal Procedure

Landlords must be responsible to renew the Ejari on time. It is mandatory as stated by the RERA tenancy laws, to renew it without much delay.The documents that you require will vary from the ones needed at the time of registration. You can renew your Ejari using the following mediums:

  • Ejari approved typing centres
  • Real Estate Services Trustee offices
  • Ejari section on Dubai Land Development website
  • Dubai Now & Dubai REST mobile application.

Ejari Renewal Documents Required

Here we have listed out the required documents for Ejari renewal based on the top of ownership you possess.

Landlords & Property Owners:


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