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Your Trusted VAT Consultant in Dubai for anything Tax related

Our team of VAT consultants expertise in providing seamless tax and accounting services to relieve you from the tedious processes and also to avoid any tax implications.
Vat consultants dubai

In today’s ever-growing market, companies already have a lot on their plate. In such situations, managing taxes like VAT becomes another burden. Although, VAT was introduced in favour of the public to provide them with better service in the future, It has now become a concerning issue for businesses. How? VAT makes businesses pay for goods and services they sell. That’s not the issue, but the implication of VAT and its tracking is one issue, as it disrupts the functioning of a business by making transactions complex.

No worries, as this is where Cohub steps in.

We take the tiresome VAT management off your shoulders by providing intricate VAT consultancy service, simplifying the documentation of income costs.

Why Do You Need VAT Consultants In Dubai?

Rules and regulations implied by the government are not very well known by businesses which can result in multiple issues. For example, for many businesses, the payment procedure or calculation of the VAT can be a potential issue for which they can hire a VAT consultant. Consultants at Cohub can help you solve a lot of these minor issues and can help you manage your business better.

Many businesses may still need clarification about why they require a VAT consultant. The most straightforward answer is that we possess much more knowledge about VAT or taxation processes and can help your business benefit by providing the best services possible. We ensure each transaction field is accurate and reduce the risk of any potential error or issues that may arise due to VAT.

Want to know more? Here are some key points that can help you know why you should hire a VAT experts in Dubai like Cohub.

Main VAT Consultancy Services In Dubai Offered

We at Cohub offer multiple VAT-related services that you will require in your business. By taking care of what our clients need and most businesses require, we offer these services mentioned:

What Is The VAT Law In Dubai?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the tax that the end user of the product pays. It is the tax that applies to the consumption of goods and services. Businesses in UAE that are tax enabled have to pay this tax at the 5% rate on the goods and services that are taxable. The business has to pay this tax on each level of the supply chain and collect the VAT on behalf of the government.

Businesses operating in UAE have to register their business under VAT according to the Federal decree-law No.8 and Cabinet decision 52 of 2017 on VAT. Tax-registered businesses on the mainland or free zones also have to pay VAT.

VAT Registration Dubai

VAT registration is compulsory for businesses with AED 375,000 or above worth of taxable supplies and imports. However, for businesses with taxable supplies and imports worth between AED 187,500 to AED 375,000, making a volunteer application for VAT registration is allowed as per the UAE VAT law.

VAT registration is unnecessary for businesses under AED 187,500 taxable supplies and imports. The Federal Tax Authority provides an online registration portal that enables businesses to file the VAT.

For filling out the form, you will have to fill out eight sections without making any errors. These sections include
Getting a Dubai VAT consultant expert can save time and avoid errors while filing the form.

Documents Required For VAT Registration

After submitting the documents, you will require to wait for the FTA approval as they will review your application. You will get a Tax Registration Number (TRN) within 2 to 3 weeks if all the details are verified and approved. The VAT registration has to be done within 30 days. If not done in 30 days, the business will have to pay AED 20,000 as penalty.

Businesses require multiple documents to fill out the VAT registration form in UAE. However, these are some of the crucial document business will require:

How Can Cohub Help In VAT Registration Process In Dubai?

VAT consultancy play’s a major role for businesses as it allows them to focus hundred per cent on the services they provide. At Cohub, we can help you with many things related to VAT, like the registration process, which will become a piece of cake as we will ease the process for you.
Our team of experts have years of experience and knowledge in the field that they constantly apply to provide the best services possible. By getting VAT consultancy services at Cohub, you can expect most of your issues related to VAT resolved, as we will thoroughly guide you in registration and other related processes.

Best VAT Consultants In Dubai

A few of the issues you might have to face without a VAT consultant are; inaccuracy while filing for VAT, chances to skip your one-month submission dates, and problems in VAT registration. All this included, you will have a hard time if mistakes occur while filing the VAT forms. By hiring a VAT consultant from Cohub, you will be ensuring that your risks are reduced exponentially.

To ensure you are hiring the best Consultant possible, you can look at their experience and see if it fits your business needs. To not get confused about who to hire, you can also check out the services quality VAT consultancy provide. So reach out to us at Cohub and know how we can serve you best with our top-tier VAT consultancy services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses have to pay VAT in Dubai?
Businesses with a turnover of more than AED 375,000 or between AED 187,500 and AED 375,000 have to pay VAT. However, there could be exemptions on taxes depending on the type of business you have.
On what services is VAT not applicable?
VAT is applicable to most supplies and goods. Still, there are a few conditional exceptions on services on which VAT is not applicable, such as financial services, local transport services, residential houses, bare land, and a few more.
Is VAT Applicable in free zones?
Companies in free zones also have to go through VAT registration. However, only the transfer of goods within the designated zone is tax-free.
How much time will a taxable person be required to keep his tax invoice?
Any taxable person must keep the invoice for at least five years of tax payments.
Will there be VAT charges on imports from outside the UAE?
There will be ZERO VAT rates on services outside the UAE. However, VAT-registered businesses have to pay VAT on imports.

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