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Trade License Dubai

Get your Trade License within just a Few Days

Our team of business setup experts and strong connections with the Dubai government allows us to procure your business licence within a couple of days.
trade licence dubai

How To Get A DED License In Dubai?

An important reason to set up a business in Dubai is that the city makes it easy for budding and
enthusiastic entrepreneurs to avail of a trade license that is hassle-free within a very short wait
period. To acquire a trade license in Dubai and bring your vision to life, read further for the trade license Dubai requirements and the trade name registration process we can help you with.

Name And Category Of The Business

Make sure your trading name adheres to the UAE guidelines and should not be currently in use by any other business. The name should closely be related to what kind of activities your business will undertake.

Select Business Activity

You will need to list out how your company will run and the type of activities it will partake in. Keep in mind to list out all the activities that your company will partake in and remember that a maximum of 10 activities will be provided under one trading license.

Business Location & Office Space

It should be noted that for a commercial license to be obtained, the company must have an office space here. Once you determine the business location where you wish to acquire the licence, we can provide you with a virtual desk or even your personal serviced office space for rent so you do not face any trouble with the authorities.

Documentation & Application

Our agents will submit all the required paperwork and documents (as below) along with the required fees to ensure no inconsistencies ensuring a smooth procedure to get it within just a few weeks.

Types Of Trade Licenses In Dubai

Once you have your corporate bank account setup, Depending on the type of business you have in mind and wish to set up, related licenses will have to be acquired that fall under the category of the type of business you have chosen. The most common licenses that are purchased are the commercial license, professional license, industrial license and tourism license. Below you will find a brief summary of each of the licenses mentioned.

Commercial License

For doing activities related to providing services or selling goods commercially, businesses have to get commercial licenses. For example, retail business, catering, wholesale business and more.

Professional License

The professional license works differently as you cannot sell products or services based on your interest, like in commercial licenses. With a professional license, you can provide services based on your profession. For example, lawyers, doctors, engineers and many more.

Industrial License

Activities that involve manufacturing goods can be conducted by getting an industrial license. They are mainly required when someone wants to set up a plant or factory. For example, textiles industries, food-producing industries and many more.

Tourism License

Starting business-related tourism requires you to apply for a tourism License. Applying for a tourism license requires the owner to have a diploma or degree in tourism. For example, hotels, restaurants, cruise boats, tourist camps and rentals etc.

Favourable DED Trade Licence Activities

Whether you have a pre-established business or starting a new one by going online, you can tap into booming markets that are more beneficial. Thus, many established or new businesses moving online try to look for trending business activities that work well. Some of the business activities in Dubai that are most beneficial and you can also do with a DED license are mentioned below:

DED Trader Licence Activity List

You can do many business activities with commercial, industrial, professional, and tourism licenses in Dubai. Some of these include business activities mentioned in the below list of business activities in Dubai:

Commercial License Activites
Professional License Activites
Industrial License Activites
Tourism License Activites
Selling Livestock, Meat
Animal Welfare Organization
Machinery and Appliances Manufacturing
Banks, Finance, Real Estate, Investments
Business and Professional Organizations
Nets and Ropes Manufacturing
Rental Boats
Childcare, Beauty Essentials
Business Council
Fish Canning and Freezing
Travel agencies
Art Creation
Fertilisers Manufacturing
Car Rental Firms
Animal Skin Selling
Medical Clinics Translation Services
Oven and Stove Manufacturing
Trading Stationery Products
Bread Manufacturing
Tourist Camps
Packaging Materials, Paper Selling
Events and Exhibition
Equipment and Engines Manufacturing
Travel Agents
Cinema and Theaters
Charcoal Production
Floating Restaurants
Consultancy Management
Carpet Manufacturing
NGO Charity
Coating, Insulations
Maintaining Buildings
Typing Services
Plastic Industries
Trading Building Materials
Beauty /saloon
Manufacturing of Chemicals
Contracting and Building Works
Social clubs
Glass Industries
Consumer Stores
Education and Applied Studies
Casting of Steel and Iron
Domestic Gas Distribution
Farming and Fishing
Food Industries
Cleaning Gear Trading
Businessmen Forum
Other Metal Industries
Car Renting and Transportation
Steel Workshop
Cooperation Societies
Information and Marketing
Stationary Manufacturing
Trading Spare Parts
Tailoring and Design
Textiles Manufacturing

Benefits Of Dubai Business Licence

With the growing number of businesses that are being set up in Dubai, the city has become a
famous destination for many entrepreneurs. This is because of the various benefits that these
businessmen acquire along with their profits. The trade license is is the most preferred licenses due to the mentioned benefits:

Process Of Renewing Trade License In Dubai

As with any license issued across the globe, different licenses have varying time periods after which they expire and will need to be renewed. As for the commercial license in Dubai, it will be valid for a year starting from the date of issuance. As a benefit, however, a renewed trade license in Dubai is valid for up to 4 years. The procedure to renew the license is fairly simple as it requires a couple of documents that have to be submitted.

Trade License Dubai Cost

A general trading license cost in Dubai can vary from anywhere between AED 7,000 to
AED 50,000 
and could go further. Various factors play a big role in making such a massive difference in the margin of Trade license Dubai fees such as type of business, type of visa, business registration, third-party company formation agency fees and whether the place
of business should be set up in mainland Dubai or other parts of the city, among many

Get Your Licence Instantly

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any information provided on the internet, there will be some unanswered questions looming in your mind before setting up a business in Dubai. Below you will find the answers to some of those questions.
How long is a trade license valid in Dubai?
The trade license is valid for one year in Dubai. After renewal, it is valid for up to 4 years. If you fail to renew the license then the company will be banned from taking part in business activities.
How long does it take to get a general trading license in Dubai?
It will take a few weeks for you to receive your trading license after issuing all the necessary documents for registration.
What can you do with a general trading license in Dubai?
With a general trading license in hand, an individual can import, export or even re-export and trade goods under a single license.
How much does it cost to get a trade license in Dubai?
The cost of a general trading license varies from 7000 AED to 50000 AED or more depending on various factors that are involved while registering the company. It is also to be noted that cost varies between mainland Dubai and the Dubai free zone.
How many types of trade licenses are there in Dubai?
In total there are six types of licenses. These are industrial license, commercial license, crafts license, tourism license, agricultural license, and professional license.
Which is the cheapest trade license in UAE?
The cheapest license that can be acquired in Dubai with no visa is the Meydan Free Zone license. The cost of this license varies when different factors are taken into consideration.
What is a free zone?
Free Zone areas are designated areas of business for foreign companies and are required to be 100 per cent owned by the foreign investor. Companies within the free zone can only trade within the free zone area they are registered in and nowhere else in the UAE.

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