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Company Formation Dubai

Seamless & Quick Company Formation in Dubai

With Cohub, you can get your company formed within 8 days.Step up and and expand your business overseas by taking complete advantage of the benefits provided by Dubai for entrepreneurs.
company formation in Dubai
Grow your business today by taking it to the next level! Now you may ask, how? Simply start or establish your business in Dubai, where government policies work in your business’s favor. As your backbone supports you, Dubai’s infrastructure and technology support your business to expand on a larger scale. By meeting every essential need of your business without becoming a hurdle in the way.

With the significant benefits businesses get from government policies, Dubai becomes a one-stop place to establish your business. It gets better as Dubai allows foreigners to establish their business in Dubai. Almost in the first half of 2022, there were 45,653 new business licenses issued.

How Do I Form A Company In Dubai?

The Initial step to form a business in Dubai is to acquire a business license according to the business you want to start in Dubai. Acquiring a license is a primary step, but it’s not all as you will have to go through certain other tasks like providing documents, buying a company’s office, and much more. You will know all of this in detail in the information below.

Procedure For New Company Incorporation In Dubai

Undoubtedly most entrepreneurs seek such opportunities to expand their businesses and grow beyond their boundaries. Now, the question remains how you will establish your business in Dubai? One way is you go through the tense process of registering, or you can hire us at Co-Hub.

1. Create A Legal Structure For The Company

To create the company's legal structure, you must select the type of company you will open. According to your business requirements, it could be a joint stock company, an LLC, or any other. For more in-depth details, you can contact us for any assistance.

2. Selecting A Trademark Of The Company

Trademark is generally the name of the company under which your company will conduct business. Before you select any name, you must ensure that it's morally appropriate and not previously taken by anyone.

3. Applying For Licence

Commercial, Industrial and Professional are the three licenses from which you will have to get one according to your business. To apply, you will have to contact the concerned authorities or hire us to do it for you. We ensure that our clients don’t have to face complications while doing any of these procedures by making most of their tasks simple.

4. Selecting Company’s Location In Dubai

Choosing the location thoroughly with proper research is crucial for your business growth. While selecting the location of the office space, you will have to choose if you are going to buy the property or lease it.

5. Getting Pre-Approved Business License From Concerned Authorities

Depending on the laws of the location your business is situated in, you will have to apply for pre-approval with the correct documents for obtaining the license from concerned authorities.

6. Opening Company’s Corporate Bank Account

For conducting any payments of business, you will require to create a corporate account. This account will be used for most of your business money-sending or receiving process. The formation process of the company in Dubai won’t be on your list of worries once we take over the wheel and handle all of the processes thoroughly for you.

Documents Required

There are multiple documents you will require, so if you face any confusion, just contact us and feel free to ask it out. Here are the documents you will need to establish a business in Dubai:

Registration documents:

Visa or License documents:

Documents For Initial Approval

Business Eligibility For Company Setup In Dubai

Even though anyone with the minimum capital requirement can establish a business with us at Co-Hub, there are still a few criteria that need to be taken care of, such as the type of business you are going to open. For example, the activity your business conducts should be the ones that Dubai allows foreigners to do. Below are the eligible business structures which are suitable to incorporate in Dubai:

Joint Stock Company

Those companies which are collectively owned by their investors are known as Joint Stock Companies. In Dubai, there are over 2-15 directors elected from UAE for this type of company within the span of 3 years.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

To establish a Limited Liability Company in Dubai, you either have to get sponsored by the nationals of Dubai or the companies in Dubai that are entirely owned by nationals.

Free Zone Companies

Free zones are the areas where special laws are applicable for established businesses. You can settle two types of companies in Free Zones: an “LLC” owned by multiple shareholders and an “Establishment” owned by a single owner.

Branch Office

As the name suggests, branch offices are a sort of extension of the parental company. You can establish your business extensions or branches of a company.

Trade Representative Office

Trade representative offices are those that are allowed to conduct limited functions. These are also an extension of parental companies. To establish this company, you will require to hire a UAE national agent.

Dual License Branch Office

To establish an extension of your Free Zone companies, you will require to build a Dual License branch office. Unlike other companies, Dual License Branch Offices have their own individual license other than the free zone one.

Advantages / Benefits Of Company Formation In Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai is nothing bizarre or different than starting it in your own country.Lately, Dubai and UAE government have made it an extremely lucrative place for people to start there businesses here by providing many substantial benefits to budding entrepreneurs.But what really are the  policies and advantages offered? For that, Let’s take a look at a few of the primary benefits that overall businesses get in Dubai:

100% Foreign Ownership

In 2021 the Commercial Companies Law in UAE saw some extensive changes in foreign business ownership. Foreigners get to have 100% ownership of their business. In addition, you can start your business in Dubai and own 100% of itnon your name without the government taking any part in it.

Infrastructural & Geographical Advantage

Dubai's infrastructure is phenomenal as its crossroads connect north, east, south, and west with each other. Transportation or exports is going to be one of the main advantages that companies would get. Dubai’s overall infrastructure is ever-evolving and has great telecommunication, terminals, etc.

Taxation Benefits

Undeniably, this is one of the benefits that can’t be overseen by foreigners who want to start their business in Dubai. Registering a company in Dubai will make you eligible to be free from paying any taxes, whether corporate or personal. However, some specific businesses have to pay GCC VAT on certain activities.

Multiple Free Zones

Free zones are areas where establishing a business will allow you to have 100% of its ownership. By establishing your business in a free zone, you will get to keep 100% of its earnings. There are over 30 free zones where establishing a business can be a game changer.

Business Supporting Environment

Registering the company is way more convenient and faster in Dubai. You will not have to do much of the paperwork, and each step for registration is easy to follow.

Dubai Company Formation Cost

Generally, the lowest cost for setting up a business start from anywhere near AED 5000 going up to thousands cause of the different things that business have to do for setting up. The cost can be registration fees, license fees, office/ company premises fees, and more. In some businesses, the share capital is a requirement, meaning the company should have a share capital of AED1000 to AED1,000,000 according to their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to set up a company in Dubai?
It could be anywhere, starting from AED 10,000 and going upto AED 100,000. This is solely spent on the type of company and the setting up procedure.
How much money is required to open a company in Dubai?
A capitals share starting from AED 1000 to AED 1,000,000 will be needed based on your company.
Can a foreigner set up a company in Dubai?
Yes, foreigners can set up their businesses in Dubai and start earning even without having a nationality of Dubai.
Do small businesses need a license in the UAE?
To operate legally, every business, whether small or larger, requires a license, according to the Department of Economic Development.
Can I sponsor myself in the UAE?
UAE provides a one-year self-sponsor visa under the Remote Work Visa Program. However, to confirm any further details, contact us at Co-Hub.

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