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Virtual Office With Tenancy Contract

Open Your Business Bank Account With Virtual Office

Easiest method to procure a business bank account in Dubai with a 100% guarantee without the need of renting a physical office space. This package is most suited for all business owners outside of UAE as well as those within freezone and offshore limits wanting to open a business bank account in Dubai.

Run your Business in Dubai with Virtual Office, the smart alternative to a physical office to save on huge rental expenses, which can be pumped into your business to accelerate growth.Commercial spaces in Dubai can be expensive, especially for new startups. This package offered by Cohub is a great way to start your business with minimal costs as you can get your business bank account – which is required to start any business – without actually needing to rent or lease a physical office space. You can also get your Ejari with virtual office availing the same benefits.

With most of the companies adopting a Work-From-Home model, Virtual Office in Dubai becomes the perfect solution to balance both aspects of the business.Because of this, Virtual Offices are the perfect solution for companies looking for a prestigious address for their business as well as all basic functions be taken care of. With Virtual Office, you get access to a wide array of services, perfect for the functioning of a company in Dubai:

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